Commissioners Court - Business Court Meeting

Start date
07/25/24 12:00 PM
End date
07/25/24 9:00 PM
Notice of Business Court Meeting | 1001 Preston, Suite 934

Commissioners Court

Start date
08/06/24 10:00 AM
End date
08/06/24 7:00 PM
Notice of Public Meeting | 1001 Preston, Suite 934

Commissioners Court - Special Court Meeting

Start date
08/20/24 10:00 AM
End date
08/20/24 7:00 PM
Notice of Special Meeting | 1001 Preston, Suite 934


Harris County Residents,

Welcome to the Office of County Administration.

Established by Commissioners Court in June 2021, the County Administrator is tasked with supervising day-to-day operations as well as long-term strategic planning efforts for Harris County. In doing so, we are guided by five key principles:

Best workforce: We will retain, recruit, and support talented employees who reflect our diverse community.

Exceptional services: We will provide exceptional services to our constituents based on best practices, community feedback, and evidence of effectiveness.

One government: All departments under the County Administrator will act as one government, collaborating with the County Judge, Commissioner Precincts, and other elected officials.

Clear success: We will clearly define success and equity through goals, strategic plans, and performance metrics.

Efficient operations: We will simplify internal processes, go paperless where possible, eliminate wasteful practices, and reinvest the savings in serving the public.

Creating a County Administrator provides a unique opportunity to improve the quality of Harris County government to better serve the public. In the coming months, my team and I will work to enhance collaboration, accountability, and efficiency. An overview of these and other initiatives can be seen in the Office of County Administration Transition Plan, which was approved by Commissioners Court on August 10, 2021.

With over 4.7 million residents, Harris County is the third largest in the nation and the equivalent of a medium-sized state. In a world full of challenges and inequities, ensuring that these residents are safe, healthy, prosperous, mobile, and empowered is a tremendous challenge.

I look forward to working with Harris County employees, elected officials, and the public to meet that challenge.

David Berry, Harris County Administrator
August 2021

Mission Statement

The Office of County Administration implements the vision of Harris County Commissioners Court: to build a more dynamic, vibrant, and resilient community while being inclusive, equitable, and transparent in all that we do.