Early Initiatives

The following initial round of projects provide the opportunity for the Office of County Administration to demonstrate its value proposition and help Commissioners Court accomplish its goals:

Employees First: Implement countywide employee recognition programs, highlighting the impact of their public service.

Open for Business: Form a County Business Operations workgroup charged with reducing paper and manual labor for County employees, reducing contracting periods, and making it easier for entities to do business with the County.

Transparent Government: Develop an Open Data Policy and develop an Open Data Portal which provides a “one stop shop” for publicly available information at the County.

Open Door for Services: Develop a “Services Portal” where constituents can find a central repository of links to County services to create a more unified web experience for constituents.

Clarify Success: Translate Commissioners Court’s goals into a set of proposed Priority Outcomes, which will form the basis of the upcoming budgeting-for-outcomes process and Countywide performance management. In addition, work with Commissioners Court to develop a definition of equity.

Better Practices, Lower Costs: Identify an initial round of cost savings from wasteful practices, duplicative licenses, conflicting services, and unnecessary bureaucracy. Savings can be reinvested in public-facing services.